Friday, April 15, 2016


I had to take 3 months off after suffering a fractured tibia stepping out onto the parking lot and slipping on the ice,  where I teach weaving. It's great to be back and be among my students again...we missed each other and the weaving class environment. 

In the time I was off, many of the students were busy working on their weaving projects at home. A couple of them even said they had made samples before they wove their final projects...that made me feel so proud of them! 

Wendy Hayden writes: 
When starting a new project whether it's a new weave structure, pattern or fibre, sampling avoids problems with a long warp.
As part of preparing for a series of cotton towels using the small overshot pattern called Helen Cooley's Bouquet, Wendy Hayden wove a 2 1/2 yard warp with 138 ends to test sett and experiment with varying weft thicknesses: 8/2, 8/4, 2x8/2 and boucle. 16 epi sett did not produce a square block either before or after wet finishing. Warp resleighed to 18 epi and when wet finished the flower pattern block is sufficiently square.

Before making a cushion, Susan Abrams made a sample, after which a friend sewed it into a bag for her. 

My thoughts are turning towards retiring though, as its becoming clearer that the physical energy required to teach is taking its toll on me. I will teach until the end of the Fall 2016 , the last class being sometime in the first week of December. I am sure the TDSB will find a wonderful replacement, and I hope that many of the regular students will keep up their weaving camaraderie ...for the relationships we have formed are the glue that keep the weaving classes going, and contribute to our loyalty to the program. I'm counting on returning and experienced students to keep the good feelings and enthusiasm burning in my absence. The new teacher may be much younger (hopefully) so many of you may already have more experience and will be a great help to other students (and perhaps the teacher) as everyone makes the adjustment. 

Debbie Harris wove this merion burgundy and navy scarf for a friend. She found that there were long floats at the edge because of the pattern. To avoid that, we could have altered the pattern so that the edges were in plain weave and not in pattern, like the rest of the scarf. 

Along with the change of instructor, there will be other changes too, the main one being that inventory will no longer be available in the class, meaning, I must remove all inventory. I do not plan on continuing to sell yarn upon my departure, though I will continue to sell looms and equipment. As some of you know I am starting to sell off yarn - at the moment the knitting yarn is 50% off (any yarn not on cones). Come the Fall, there may be further discounts so keep posted. As far as I know, there are no weaving only retailers in Toronto, so you may want to stock up before the Fall session is over. 

Hellen Skelton wove this on her countermarche loom with yarn from a 'surprise box' that she won in a draw in the weaving class. 

On sale at the moment are six   15" Dorothy table looms ranging in price from $150 to $200. Let me know if you are interested. 
Toshiko Shindo wove these rep weave place matts on her Jane Louet loom. 

Subtle Technologies Symposium
My studio is featured as one of the ones on the Mobile Studio Tour. You can visit 3 different studios. However, students and past students are invited to an Open House at my studio on May 15 between 2-5pm. Please rsvp if you plan to come:, at which time I will give you the address. 

Elizabeth Evans writes:
You may already know about Etobicoke Handweavers and Spinners Guild’s 50 Mile Coat project. I’m sending you a flyer just in case.  Please let your students know about it and anyone else who might be interested.  I hope you will be able to come by and see us sometime.
Using only fibre and natural dyes that are locally raised, we are spinning, weaving, felting, inkle weaving, cutting and sewing a coat between April 23 and May 15.   You are invited to come and visit us anytime during this project.  We are planning to have someone from the guild working on some aspect of the coat during gallery hours between April 25 and May 15.  We are beginning the project on April 23 and 24 with a Spinzilla where people are invited to help us prepare the fibre (no experience required - we will already have cleaned the fleece) and begin spinning it (bring your spinning wheel or spindle).  Bring your lunch to the Spinzilla.  You can follow the project at our website where there is a blog and a calendar of events.  Please extend this invitation to anyone who might be interested.  Some of our sponsors will be at the Spinzilla with merchandise for sale.


Image + Cloth
June 13-16 2016
An emerging multi-award winning textile artist and weaver based in Hamilton, Joanna Schleimer’s weaving focuses on creating delicate, personal and nostalgic woven textiles using fine thread. She is inspired by textiles that have had a life before, handed down to loved ones by family members. All of her work echoes this reverence and respect for the past and previously cherished textiles.

In this workshop, weavers will will explore various woven image-making techniques including inlay, brocade, boutonne, embroidery and tapestry techniques as well as digital printing in a sampler-like fashion.
Workshop details:   Burr House, 528 Carrville Road, Richmond Hill. 9am-4pm. $350. For more details, contact Line Dufour at 

Weaving + Wire
Sayward Johnson

Sayward Johnson creates wire woven canvases,  applies patinas and explores other textile techniques as surface embellishments.
In this workshop, participants will prepare and warp the looms with copper wire,  explored 4 & 8 shaft patterns, as well as different surface treatments. The workshop will take place as a ‘round robin’. When samples are removed, registrants will experiment with fold-forming, dapping and various methods for manipulating the metal fabric. A variety of patina options will also be explored (green, black, brown and heat), as well as how to finish and seal the pieces. While the main focus of the workshop is weaving with wire, registrants  can also choose an additional option: “Intro to Knitting with Copper Wire”.


The Textiles Department of Sheridan College is pleased to announce that they are running TWO 3-day Natural Dye workshops this May and June. Please click on the links below for course details, including dates, cost, and online registration are included in the links below. These courses are open to the public and no previous experience in dyes and/ or textiles is necessary.

Natural Dye Printing
Instructor: Thea Haines…/TXTL78002__NaturalDyePrin…
Dates: 3 days: May 11/12/13 (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Alternative Methods to Dyeing: Rust Dyeing, Ecoprinting, and Botanical Transfer Prints
Instructor: Janelle Guthrie…/TXTL78003__AlternativeMet…
Dates: 3 days: June 3/4/5 (Fri/ Sat Sun)

Proceeds for our workshops are to raise funds for extra curricular activities for the Sheridan textile students. The funds would be used by students to attend conferences and trips, increase public awareness of Sheridan’s Textile Studio, our sustainable efforts, and connect with the local textile community.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Weaving Wandering

China here we come! 

Recently the Fate, Destiny and Self Determination international tapestry installation was invited to China to be exhibited in Shenzhen in September 2016. Monique Lehman, herself a very prolific and talented tapestry weaver and textile artist and designer ( helped to make this happen. If you would like to contribute to the continuously expanding installation and would like to know more about it contact me at In the meantime, a Go Fund Me campaign is underway to collect money to pay for the expenses of sending the exhibition around the world: China is certain but we have had invitations from Poland, UK, Australia, Germany, France, however, we must pay the expenses. You can go to this link if you would like to donate money to this initiative.

In the meantime, the installation is off to Granville Island  to be exhibited at the Craft Council of British Columbia. March 24 - May 5 2016. For more details go here:

Expand your weaving repertoire with these fabulous teachers

June 2016 Weaving Workshops (3-5 day)

Weaving + Wire with Sayward Johnson
$350. More details at link

Image + Cloth with Joanna Schleimer
$350 More details at link

One week workshops at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles
Beginner Jacquard with Lheila Palumbo
Intermediate and Advanced Jacquard weaving with Louise Lemieux Berube
Advanced Weaving Techniques (floor loom) with Adrien Landry

Jane Tucker lets us know about an Arts & Culture Tour of South Africa: April 2016. & 2017

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Silver and Copper

The   Silver   Lining
And She Rises, Sayward Johnson. Woven copper
wire, embroidered 2015
Recently, I slipped on ice in the parking lot where I teach weaving and fractured my knee. I had completely underestimated how incapacitating this was going to be from a physical standpoint and hadn't anticipated the fatigue that would ensue. From this event, inconvenient as it was and is, so much good has come of it. For one, I realized I hadn't had a rest for many years, propelled to always get things done, I spent very little time just 'sitting around' or laying about. Perhaps the last time was when I went through a bout of breast cancer already about 15 years ago. Around this event, students, peers and friends wrapped me in words of support, affection, encouragement and love. They offered their services. Never had I appreciated it as much, and came to be grateful for this courteous convention, that I felt was genuine and heartfelt. Thirdly, doctor's orders were not to walk, lift or stand for 2 weeks, and limited for the next two, and so I hired 2 young women to clean my house. This was the first time I indulged myself! One thing I could do, was sit at the computer and get caught up in a back log of digital paper work, which was, prior to the accident, causing me a fair amount of stress. Now, I even have time to sit here and send you some current weaving news of what is happening and there are lots of exciting things to get involved with, to experience and learn in the weaving world, a constant source of delight and new friendships.

A new weaving collective is being formed. We are looking for people who want to share a weaving studio space in Toronto (central), which we want to eventually morph into a teaching space, retail space, and gallery. You can choose to 'park' your loom there (especially if you are downsizing), or you can choose to use a loom that is provided. Other weaving equipment that is needed will be on site.  A definite price is not yet confirmed, but a general ballpark at the moment is $150/month. In time, we hope that price will be reduced by the various revenue streams we put into place. Please let other people know who may be interested. You can also volunteer for our various committees as we work to create this exciting weaving and textile community centre. If you are interested, contact me at


Janet Austin, Janet Austin
Tapestry: Theme – Selfies
No deadline. Ongoing. Will be posted on blog below with possible exhibitions
To read more and see more examples of submissions go to
For an example of one tapestry weaver who has had great success with (erotic) selfies see New York artist and tapestry weaver Erin Riley
contact info will be on blog or contact Margaret Sunday at

Fate, Destiny and Self Determination: an international tapestry installation. This installation continues to accept submissions on an ongoing basis, ever expanding. If you you contirbute a small shape (or more than one) your name will be included in each subsequent exhibition as being a co-creator. Each shape is also posted to the Facebook page for the project, along with your name, and information you would like to relay. . Several exhibitions are lined up: Craft Council of British Columbia, March 2016; Trienniale textile d'outais, August 2016; San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, Jan 2017; Art Gallery of Burlington, 2017. Other exhibitions are also being planned. For more info contact

Tapestry Unlimited 11th international Unjuried Small Format Tapestry Exhibition
Deadline: January 31, 2016 {ONLINE} or {RECEIVE}

11th international, unjuried small format tapestry exhibition 
American Tapestry Alliance 
Milwaukee Public Library, Central Branch 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
July 26 – August 11, 2016

Tapestry Unlimited is open to all tapestry weavers. We invite entries not only from artists who work within more traditional definitions of tapestry, but also those whose work expands upon the core principles of the medium as it explores new techniques and processes. Multimedia work is welcome as along as the primary technique is tapestry.

The tapestry may not exceed 10″ x 10″ x 1″ deep (25cm x 25cm x 2.5cm). 
Artists may submit only one piece. 
Group challenges and mentoring pairs are encouraged. 
Work must be original, executed by the entrant, of recent completion and not shown in a prior ATA show.

Entry Fee and Payment 
$40.00 (US Dollars) The entry fee includes a catalog & the cost of return shipping (no insurance) Go to the American Tapestry Alliance website to download a form.


image + cloth
Joanna Schleimer 

Create woven delicate floating forms on a semi transparent ground.
June 13-16 2016
528 Carrville Road, Richmond Hill, On
rsvp by May 31, 2016. Maximum of 10.
for more info:

weaving + wire
Sayward Johnson
Create a variety of copper woven samples, and learn  the various texture creating techniques to create powerful works of art. Knitting and crocheting with wire will also be an added option.
June 21-24 2016
528 Carrville Road, Richmond Hill, On
rsvp by May 31 2016. Maximum of 10.
for more info:


Fate, Destiny and Self Determination/le sort le destin et l'auto-determination: an international tapestry installation.

Craft Council of BC Gallery
March 26-May 5 2016
1386 Cartwright Street
Granville Island, 
Vancouver, BC

Tapestry Through Time: Contemporary Weaving in New Mexico
October 19 - February 1, 2016
Location: The Historic Taos Inn
Artful Tapestries by renowned NM weaversFebruary 1, 2016.

Standard Floor Loom
Used 36" Schact loom - 8 harness. with an optional shelf for putting shuttles etc.

New now selling for just under $4000 USD or $5265 CDN.

My price: $1000. Available immediately.


Science Centre: see a Jacquard loom in action
Celebrate John Campbell’s 210th Birthday at the John Campbell Jacquard Loom on display at the Ontario Science Centre!*Dates:Wednesday,January 27th and Saturday, January 30th, 2016 Times:10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.Location:Ontario Science Centre -Rock, Paper, Science Hall, Level 6*Included with admission to the Ontario Science CentreThe Event:John Campbell (1806-91) was a prolific Ontario weaver who wove close to 54,000 yards of cloth on the John Campbell Jacquard Loom, on display at the Ontario Science Centre. Come help us celebrate his 210thbirthday and find out more about this fascinating, human-powered machine and its innovative use of punch cards, an early step on the road to the modern computer! Weave on a four-shaft table loom, explore pattern making and card punching, speak with experts on 19thC weavers and weaving, see this amazing weaving machine in action, and much more!


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Creating Your own Designs in Weaving

We welcome our new students to the Toronto Weaving School. Another group of super keen, super smart and enthusiastic weavers will be joining our ranks, keeping the passion of more experienced weavers ignited!  

A new students's first project is always the most exciting and this is Carmai Seto's first tapestry. She based it on a design from one of our tapestry books and really made it her own. Creating the variety of lines was challenging. We are looking forward to seeing what Carmai will create next. 

Colour gamp tea towels in 4/8 cotton by Jane Tucker
On any given day, when you come into the weaving class, it may not look like much is going on, but suddenly, projects emerge - beautiful, satisfying and inspiring others. Though there is often waves of quiet and calm, industry is turning its wheels. 

Log cabin blanket in 2 ply Lemieux yarn (Canadian), fulled. Woven and designed by Wendy Szpindel. 

A few weeks ago, Rachel Miller, Professor and Head of Textiles at Sheridan College, invited me to give a presentation to her students on my work as a Textile Artist and give a workshop in how to create your own designs in weaving. To see their textiles programming go to their Facebook page and/or their website

Recently, Toronto Weaving School acquired an new 8 shaft Leclerc Compact Loom. It is a pretty thing to us weavers! I love the size and how it folds so sweetly into a small space, allowing a weaver to get maximum  use in a small space. It's weaving width is 24". You can purchase these looms through me.

As students in the class become more experienced in weaving, they are looking to create more complex textiles and having an 8 shaft loom enables them to explore, such as the scarf shown below. I am excited to see how returning students are really growing in their experience and daring to take on greater technical challenges with my support, assistance and guidance. I am even more delighted when I see them take their own tentative steps forward in creating their own designs, (though sometimes that happens accidentally,) and graduating from copying the designs in books and magazines. Progress and growth in weaving is slow, and not instantaneous. It flows in an organic way, in harmony with the process of weaving itself.
Toshiko Shindo, tencel scarf , turned twill pattern
 I have many lessons prepared for students if they wish to  learn to create their own designs. There are several approaches, all equally commendable.
Carla Duncan, deflected doubleweave scaves woven with 18/2 merino, 8 shaft pattern. Pattern from Handwoven. 
Karen Bota preparing the warp for tea towels with 4/8 cotton on her knitters loom! 

Jane Tucker, knitters loom scarf design

I have included this mohair scarf as a good project for a knitters loom. Its fast and easy to do. For people in the class, their is an assortment of mohair as well as novelty eyelash and ribbon yarn, which are 50% off. 
If you purchase your knitters loom through me, you receive a $50 gift certificate for any knitting and novelty yarn in the class. 

Wendy Haydn, twill variation wool scarf.

Repp weave (also called Ripsmatta) rug by Jane Richmond. 4/8 cotton and hand knitted filler


Of note to some of you, Craft Ontario has a pop up Christmas shop happening from November 5 to December 24 2015. Their location is at 990 Queen Street West , Toronto. Perhaps you want to purchase some Christmas presents there. A 'graduate' from Toronto Weaving School is participating and selling her knitters loom scarves. That means you can too! Join Craft Ontario and you too can sell your scarves next year at this pop up shop!

The One of a Kind Show is on from November 26 to December 6. You will also discover several weavers there.

Ginette Robert, 2/8 tencel and 18/2 merino scarf in an undulating twill. 
This picture doesn't do Ginette's scarf any justice. It is luxurious to feel, and very elegant. The weave structure and combination of materials make it light, yet warm. 

Tapestry Unlimited 11th international, Unjuried Small Format Tapestry Exhibition
Deadline: January 31, 2016 {ONLINE} or {RECEIVE}

Tapestry Unlimited
11th international, unjuried small format tapestry exhibition
American Tapestry Alliance
Milwaukee Public Library, Central Branch
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
July 26 – August 11, 2016

Tapestry Unlimited is open to all tapestry weavers. We invite entries not only from artists who work within more traditional definitions of tapestry, but also those whose work expands upon the core principles of the medium as it explores new techniques and processes. Multimedia work is welcome as along as the primary technique is tapestry.

The tapestry may not exceed 10″ x 10″ x 1″ deep (25cm x 25cm x 2.5cm).
Artists may submit only one piece.
Group challenges and mentoring pairs are encouraged.
Work must be original, executed by the entrant, of recent completion and not shown in a prior ATA show.

Entry Fee and Payment
$40.00 (US Dollars) The entry fee includes a catalog & the cost of return shipping (no insurance).

Download Entry Form:

Complete details available on website:

Questions? Email the Exhibition Chair, Janna Maria Vallee:


8 Shaft Folding Table Loom For Sale, used (brand new worth over $1500)
Louet W40 - 8 shaft 40 cm(16 inches),
if interested please contact
Includes stand, 2 reeds 30/10 and 40/12
price $750
Mariette Rousseau-Vermette
Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides (MACL).28 novembre 2015 au 14 février 2016

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Glad to be back!

Susan Henderson. 18/2 merino scarf woven on an 8 shaft loom
It is with great enthusiasm and relief, that we are back at the weaving classes! Many of the registrants did lots of weaving over the summer and I am featuring their projects here. I am very proud of what they managed to accomplish. 

Susan's Husband Mario, is happy to model his scarf!

Andrew Winter. Tea Towels woven with 2/8 cotton. Slight variations on each. 

Carla Duncan. Linen tea towel. 

Carla Duncan. Linen tea towel sample. 
Carla is one of the few students that actually took my advice of sampling first before doing a project! Kudos to you Carla!

Leslie Wynn. Reclaimed Footstool cover with cushion woven with Harrisville yarn. 

Just before classes resumed the Niagara Guild of Weavers and Spinners asked me to provide a program for them for a weekend. On the first night, I gave a talk about my work as a textile artist. On the second day, I gave them a Theo Moorman workshop. Theo Moorman is a weaving technique that is in some ways similar to a tapestry technique, but woven like fabric. 
Theo Moorman technique scarf by Line Dufour, and featured in Handwoven magazine.

The Niagara Guild of Weavers and Spinners is located in Welland and it is housed in its local museum, a happy marriage indeed! They have a great workspace. In nearby Jordan, not only can you find fine dining, but a great fibre store called the Fibre Garden Make sure to check it out when you are there!
On the last day of the workshop, the participants contributed to the Fate, Destiny and Self Determination international tapestry installation. So far, 304 shapes have been contributed by 186 people from 20 countries. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

"Over and Under....A Thrill for a Lifetime" quote by Sarah Swett

Its been a wonderful summer as far as weaving goes. I took a group of six students (Barbara Aikman, Julia Pelenyi, Wendy Hayden, Sanya Lasica, Alena Melas and Susan Mellor) to the Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio in Forence for a one week workshop where we studied historical jacquard woven textiles for a week. For half a day we would be studying and the other half of the day we would visit a musuem associated with woven textiles in some way. For instance, at the Uffizi, we were given a guided tour of some of the paintings that features jacquard woven garments.

This summer I (and Debbie Harris) also took a 4 day workshop with  tapestry weaver Sarah Swett. It re-invigorated my tapestry practice and I am eager to get back to weaving the ideas I have for my tapestries. I took this workshop because it happened to coincide with my being in Denver Colorado to set up the exhibition of Fate, Destiny and Self-Determination: an International Tapestry Exhibition at Regis University at the invitation of Aneesha Parrone and I thought it too great an opportunity to pass up. Rebecca Mezoff also took this workshop and it was a delight to meet her. To read more about this workshop go the link below where you will also find Sarah's website/blog.  to:

Another great thing happened this summer as well. The Fate, Destiny and Self-Determination installation was featured in the Fiber Art Now magazine.

Can it be true that it is already time to think about registering for weaving classes? Alas it is! This usually means summer is approaching it's finale for the year! Please go here to register for the weaving class of your choice:

Weft faced rug weaving sample woven by Jutta Polomski in a workshop taken with Tom Kniseley at the Spring Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Conference.

Industrial textiles brought to the weaving class by Hellen Skelton

Dishtowels woven by Marion Kirkwood. Instructions taken from Handwoven magazine, Atwater Bronson Lace.

Huck tablerunner by Jamileh Emdidan

The Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Conference, October 2015. register now.

Material in Motion
Material in Motion
10th North American Textile Conservation Conference: November 16th – 21st, 2015
New York, New York
The tenth biennial of the North American Textile Conservation Conference(NATCC) will be held in the dynamic city of New York, November 16th to the21st, 2015, focusing on the theme: “Material in Motion.”- The keynote address will take place on the evening of November 18th atthe National Museum of American Indian (NMAI-NY).- The paper presentations, posters and exhibitors will be at the FashionInstitute of Technology (FIT) on November 19th and 20th in the Katie MurphyAmphitheatre.- Tours and workshops will take place on November 16th - 18th and the 21st.- The closing reception will be held the evening of November 20th at theMuseum of the City of New York.To register, see the list of papers, posters, workshops, and tours pleasevisit us at:
*Yadin Larochette*Principal at Larochette Textile Conservation LLC, andConservation Consultant to Tru Vue for Latin America5257 1/2 Village Green, Los Angeles, CA 90016Tel: (310) 808-7979
The Town of Richmond Hill Textile Workshops and Classes:
Weaving for Beginners #1
Weaving has a reputation for promoting serenity and a sense of accomplishment. Anyone can learn to weave in this program. You can weave a cloth table runner using a loom. An experienced instructor will guide you through the weaving process and loom setup. Elements of design will be discussed which you can apply to create one-of-a-kind items! A $10 materials fee will be collected at the first class. All equipment and materials are provided. The seniors' discount does not apply; the full fee is required.
Tues. /Thurs.: September 22, 24, 29, Oct. 1     $114.00                      Course Code: 563919

Weaving for Beginners #2
Are you a weaver ready to take on more complex projects? This program will teach you how to weave a cloth sampler by exploring a a variety of weave structures. Colour will be used as an element of design. The Level 1 course or some weaving experience is required. A $10 materials fee will be collected at the first class. All equipment and materials are provided. The seniors' discount does not apply; the full fee is required.
Fri. Oct.2, 9 - 7pm - 9:30pm                       $180.50                        Course Code: 563918                      
Sat. Oct. 3, 10 - 9am- 4pm     

Introduction to Spinning 
Learn how to turn fibre into yarn! This program will teach you how to spin using a hand spindle and a spinning wheel. A brief introduction to the history of spinning, types of fibre, fibre preparation, and carding wool is included. Participants with operating spinning wheels are welcome to bring them. Previous experience is not required. A materials fee of $15 will be collected at the first class. The seniors' discount does not apply; the full fee is required.
Tues. Oct. 6, 13          7 pm -9:30 pm            $47.50                      Course Code:  563916

Tapestry Kilim Weaving 
With their vivid colors and attractive designs, kilims (flat woven tapestry) are fascinating to study and create!  In this hands-on workshop, you can learn this traditional folk art technique and take the looms home to continue working on projects. A $25 materials fee for the loom and yarns will be collected at the beginning of the course.  The seniors' discount does not apply; the full fee is required.
Tues. /Thurs.: Nov 3, 5, 10, 12    7pm -9 pm        $76.00                         Course Code: 563917              

REGISTRATION BEGINS THURSDAY AUGUST 20, 2015 for Richmond Hill residents and Thursday August 27, 2015 for non-residents
Registrants have the option of registering online, by telephone or in person  at any Community Centre or Pool. Registration forms are available at or at your local community centre.
• Online: Phone: 905-771-8870     • Fax: 905-771-2481
• Mail your completed Registration Form to: Community Services Department, Town of     Richmond Hill    225 East Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, On  L4B 3P4
*Customers need a Client Barcode and an Account PIN to register by Internet or phone. If you do not have this information, call 905-771-8870 during regular business hours
All workshops & classes take place @ Burr House Craft Gallery & Tea Room 528 Carrville Road, Richmond Hill

Jane Tucker sends this link - an Arts & Culture Tour of South Africa she took in April 2016.

Ro Omrow sends this very interesting link to a video of women using weaving to defy violence in the Philippines.

You can browse the British Museum for textiles and weaving at