Friday, February 17, 2012


Scarf woven by Wendy Hayden on her knitters loom. Alpaca, silk, merino.

Over the last few weeks distress, agitation and stress were palpable in the weaving class at times. Quite a few of the people taking my weaving classes are faced with challenging situations, in their personal life, in their health, in relationships, and sometimes all of that walks into the room with them, understandably. Which bring to mind a figure drawing class I took many many years ago with a teacher I had a lot of regard for. He would say to us, before you come into the room, wipe your shoes at the door, meaning, leave your troubles behind you for the time you are in the room. I know this worked for me. Perhaps this is why everytime I walk into the classroom, my troubles seem distant. This strategy may not work for everyone, nor am I expecting it to, but I have come to see though, that most of us come to the weaving class and find it a sanctuary, a break in the what can be a stormy period in one's life, a safe haven, a quiet respite, a slowing down where we can catch our breath and 'hear' what we are thinking.
More knitters looms scarves by Wendy Hayden, given as Christmas presents.
I feel I am fortunate to have the kind of 'job' where it is safe for me to be a caring and supportive person. How lucky can I be. I feel privileged even that people sometimes feel it is safe for them to share whatever they are going through. I've always found it easy to listen to others, to understand, to feel compassion, and with some, a deeper connection, a kindred spirit. These people who are taking my classes are more than just students - they are a friend and I am theirs.
Knitters Loom scarf by Maureen Krinicic
Coming to my weaving, and others are discovering this for themselves, becomes almost a meditation - a training of the mind to focus on one thing, one activity, eventhough our mind might want to be running in many directions with our thoughts, feelings, and ideas. To exercise the discipline to remain in the activity, the process, to bring one's focus back to the weaving, is good mental training, and I have seen my levels of concentration and focus increase as I continue my weaving practice.

Knitters loom scarf by Cheryl Yetman

Doing this activity bit by bit we feel the calm come over us - and the sense of inner peace that comes with that if only tempararily. The simplest of activities and moments can provide us with a moment of grace and consequently, provide us with deep and valuable insights that we need to have about ourselves, others, and life. This sitting with our weaving, this quiet time, cuts out finally all the noise and business going through our heads, and brings us to a place where we have gratitude to be alive in this moment.

Knitters Looms scarves by Cheryl Yetman

Because my theme this week was simplicity I thought the Knitters Looms scarves people were making these past few months would be good to feature. If I have made any error with names and the scarves I have attached to them, let me know as it was before Christmas that I took these photos. I am looking forward to seeing some tapestries woven on the Knitters Loom....which I'll feature here as soon as they are.

Knitters Looms come in 12" and 20" widths. They can be outfitted with 5, 10 and 12.5 rigid heddles. They already come with a 7.5 dpi. You can also purchase a stand for the knitters loom separately. You can choose to buy it with a bag, or without. A Knitters Loom DVD is also available as well as several books filled with projects. All of these things can be purchased through me.

In closing I would like to include some links that people send me to include in my postings:

First Donna Kim sent this link from the Marilyn Dennis Show about how to wear and tie scarves

She also has weaving studio space, complete with weaving equipment provided, for rent. The studio would be shared with herself and another person. If you are interested please contact me at and I'll send the info.

Rose Ruffolo shared this link - an article about a weaver in the U.S.


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