Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bird's Eye rug, more scarf designs and workshops

Agota Dolinay modelling the silk scarf we showed you last week.
Spring is definitely in the air here in Toronto and the energy bursting from the earth comes through in the energy and enthusiasm of the participants of the weaving classes. The weaving class room is well lit ...lots of windows, and good indoor lighting making it a bright and cheerful place to be.  With the additional light of longer days its ideal conditions for the work we do.  Spring...with all that it connotes. Mostly hope...of renewed life and vitality, of looking forward to finishing projects and the anticipation of starting new ones.

Margaret Raines wove this bird's eye rug a gift for a friend.
Richard Rumi, and his son Joseph, picked up the Flemish verdure tapestry that they dropped off to us to do some restoration work on . Please check their website at where you will be dazzled by their array of antiques, and contemporary art. Their store/showroom is at 55 Woodlawn Avenue in Mississauga.

Michele Dubois has been cranking out scarves on her knitters loom. Here, a rayon chenille scarf in a log cabin pattern.
A painted warp one  day workshop is scheduled for August 25 in Georgetown. If you have any questions about it please don't hesitate to ask.  RSVP if you are interested as space is limited. $30 for the day. includes dyes but other materials will be required. Deadline to register June 1.
A tapestry design one week workshop is scheduled for June 18-22. For more details see deadline to register: May 1 2012.

Knitters Loom scarf by Michele Dubois
We'll be having a draw for a warping board. Winner will be announced first week in May. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.
A note about this woven scarf pictured above .....although only plain weave, the order of the coloured threads created the patterning. Goes to show how interesting and diverse plain weave can be.

More knitters loom scarves by Michele Dubois.
Something for the tapestry weavers
Please read Lyn Hart's blog of what I think is a very inspiring tapestry experience.
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