Thursday, August 23, 2012

Time to register for Fall 2012 weaving classes

Julia Pelenyi's first project after doing a sampler. A runner in Summer and Winter with cotton and wool. The pattern was taken from the Handweavers Pattern Book by Marguerite Davison.

Registrations have begun  for the Weaving Classes through the Toronto District School Bard. Register at to register on-line, or call 416 338 4111.

Monday September 17 Fabric Weaving
10am-1pm Course # 51381
1:30-4:30   Course # 51380
6-9pm        Course # 51220

Wednesday September 19 Fabric Weaving
10am-1pm  Course # 51379
1:30-4:30    Course # 50962
6-9pm         Course # 51222

Monday September 17 Tapestry Weaving
10am-1pm Course # 51381
1:30-4:30 Course # 51380
6-9pm Course # 51220

Wednesday September 19 Tapestry Weaving
10am-1pm Course # 51379
1:30-4:30 Course # 50962
6-9pm Course # 51222

The classes run for 11 weeks in the Fall 2012 session.
All levels of experience are accommodated, from Beginners to Intermediate.
If you have any trouble registering for any of the classes please contact me. A General Interest non Senior class is now $234 and the senior rate is $140. Please keep in mind that there is a material/equipment fee to be paid: for new students it ranges from $25 to $75 depending on what kind of weaving you are doing, and $5 for returning students. Direct inquiries to Line Dufour at

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