Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Curious about Weaving

Jane Richmond, Tiffy Thompson, Lyziane Cantin
This week Tiffy Thompson and Lyziane Cantin from PROPELLERIDEAS.COM came to interview me, and learn more about the weaving classes I teach.

Barbara Aikman and Lyziane Cantin

Jane Richmond, Elyse Hastings, Jessica Brosseau
At the same time, Elyse Hastings, whose job is marketing the Continuing Education courses offered through the Toronto District School Board, also came by to interview us and see what it was like to be in the weaving class. I was touched by what she had to say before she departed: "This is the friendliest most welcoming place that I've been to so far. You've created a really beautiful atmosphere and its a wonderful place to be". Elyse sent me a link where you can see more photographs that she took at the weaving class. She wrote to me by email: "Line, what a beautiful little workshop you have created! It's very inspiring. I have included the link to the album with the pictures from today's visit and once I get a little bit more time I'll be posting some of the video I took as well. Thanks for welcoming me into the world of weaving today!"

Tiffy Thompson tries her hand at tapestry weaving on the international tapestry project, Fate, Destiny and Self Determination, funded by the Ontario Arts Council.

Linen runner woven by Yukiko Amano. Pattern taken from Twill Thrills book.
Mimma Draga let me know about these websites where you can download weaving patterns at no charge:
This is the website address: It truly is an awe inspiring site when you see all graphic draw downs, especially in colour.
The other site that has archives full of weaving patterns is found here:

For an update on the International tapestry project, Fate, Destiny and Self Determination click on the link below. 150 people from 20 countries are participating and the number grows each day. Please come out and weave on the group tapestry and add your name to the growing list. All participants will be acknowledged when the project is exhibited.
This project has been generously funded by the Ontario Arts Council/Conseil des Arts de l'Ontario.

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