Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stylish Woven Floor coverings

Woven by Julia Pelenyi.
Julia took the design from Handwoven's September/October 2005 issue on page 67. The rug was designed by Mimi Smith.
Jill Bidgood
 Many of us have watched Jill slowly and meticulously work on this warp faced/repp weave rug. It was a while in getting the warp prepared, not only because one had to be careful with the constantly changing colours and their order, but also because the yarn she worked with had a lot of inconsistencies, which slowed her down considerably. She did a beautiful job of weaving these rugs. We'll get to see them in actuality when classes resume in the Fall.
Jill took the design from one of Ashford's magazines that come out bi-annually or annually....not sure about that! But the design is a classic and a keeper! I'm not organized enough at the moment to have the name of the person who created the design.....I hope the designer will accept my apologies.

Erin Lewis
Erin's rug is a bird's eye pattern taken from Marguerite Davison's Handweavers Pattern Book.
I found this interesting link about textiles and weaving with a lot of information to keep you learning for awhile:
That's it for this blog until the end of August where I will post the projects remaining from this past years endeavours at the Toronto Weaving School. The tapestry blog will continue and I will keep you posted about that. I'm off to take my jacquard weaving course in Florence and look forward as well to spending time in my studio.
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