Friday, September 20, 2013

See a project to the finish

Bonnie Thorne created this linen hand towel. Her struggles and frustrations with this project payed off and she now is glad she didn't 'throw in the towel'  on this one. It was stiff and rigid before she washed it, and it transformed into soft and supple.  Plain weave ground with twill variation treadling for the blue design. 

The warp for this scarf is baby llama and silk and the weft is alpaca. Marion Kirkwood used a M&W threading from Handweavers Pattern Directory, p 76. 
This has been a very interesting week. Last Friday I had coffee with Nieves Carrasco, a fibre artist who uses washi cut into fine strips and weaves them into wall hangings. It was a real treat to see her work in her living/work space. She is presently getting ready for her show at the David Kaye gallery which will be this coming February. To see more of her work go to
My friends, Maurice Poon from York University and Scott Ford from Hydro One weaving on the international tapestry project, Fate, Destiny and Self-Determination. 

My first weaving teacher, William Hodge, is having a show of his recent bead work. Details on this invite. The opening is this Sunday. 

Interesting weaving links you've sent
Jessica Brousseau sent this link to let us know that 70s style wallhangings are becoming the trend again:

My sister, Rita sent me this link about jacquard weaving in France after I had been to Fondazione Lisio:

Arlette Schulman, herself a tapestry weaver,  was inspired by this fibre artist and sent me this link:

Sandra Dunn wanted to recommend Sandra Brownlee Ramsdale's jacquard weaving that was exhibited at the Textile Museum of Canada:

Nieves Carrasco was inspired by this woman's work:

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