Thursday, October 31, 2013

Focus and Distractions

Cotton and Bamboo throw woven by Wendy Szpindel. Pattern from 8 Shaft Weaves book. 
Learning to weave and weaving requires a number of factors and environmental conditions. One is an environment that enables us to focus on the task at hand. Many weave structures are complicated and require ones full attention, the above being a good example of the kind of weave that requires this. Regardless of its complexity, most weaving requires that we not be distracted from what we are doing to prevent errors in threading and/or weaving. Not only does this require a certain capacity to concentrate, it requires that distractions are reduced and that we give the task the full attention. 
Knitters loom scarf by Mimma Draga
Last week I was talking to a couple of friends and they exclaimed that they were losing focus and were easily distracted. Is it an ageing thing I wonder or are we reverting to the child we were in the past? Who is to say. I do know though that we must respect that each person has different levels of "distraction tolerance" and so, when in a learning environment it is something we must try to respect in creating a positive learning and weaving environment for our fellow participants. 

Felted spaced warp merino scarf by Marion Kirkwood. This idea can be done on a Knitters Loom. 
Not too long ago someone was telling me about a couple of workshop teachers who insisted on silence during the workshop, that is to say, socializing. I found this very courageous of them to insist on that.  While I find that extreme, I also think it tells us that the learning and environment conducive to learning must take precedence in the class as most participants attend for that reason, otherwise, why pay to be there or socialize. We all have different learning needs, and perhaps participants also have different reasons they attend the class, but most importantly, we must remain focused on why we are here, gathered together!
More knitters loom scarves by Mimma Draga
I take pride though that participants for the most part, are friendly and this too creates  a positive environment. It takes all of us to create not only a friendly and positive environment but one where we respect the learning needs of others. 

Weaving Courses and workshops
Donna Kim is offering a new class in chair cane weaving. Looks interesting and intriguing!

Donations wanted:
Erin Lewis would like to ask weavers for their woven discards. She needs them for experimentation with her Wearable Technology work. Please bring to the Toronto Weaving School. 

Want to sell some scarves?
Bring them to the Toronto Weaving School classroom and we'll try to sell them for you as long as you are registered in the class. 10% of sales will go to the Toronto Weaving School. You can also bring in other small handwoven items such as tea towels and hand towels. We'll let people know that we are open for business on the days/evenings classes are running. 

Weaving Looms for Sale: 
45" 4 harness counterbalance leclerc with bench $500. 
36" 8 harness Leclerc jack loom $600. 
45" Schact loom with bench, oak, 4 harness with option to add another 4 harnesses. $750.
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