Thursday, November 21, 2013

Giving, volunteering and donating

We are not only blessed and fortunate  to  have the weaving class environment to come to, where joy and enthusiasm for weaving runs rampant, but we are also very fortunate to have the means and the time to weave. Not only is it an investment in terms of time, but also  financial. This week I am inspired by how generous and supportive people are at the Toronto Weaving School aka TDSB weaving classes without which we might not be here as life 'on the outside' of our weaving sanctuary gets leaner and meaner. I am inspired by people's kindness, understanding, patience....and this generates only more of the same. This kindness and generosity also manifests in other parts of people's lives and as you look over the blog, you'll see that there are others who have undertaken initiatives to help make the city a better place to live in (despite certain recent political events!)
Avril Loreti on the left, Jessica Brousseau on right....they are elated because they have just completed their projects and you can see the video below. Avril created a doubleweave blanket and Jess wove 2 beautiful alpaca scarves which they are both wearing like an umbilical cord! So cute! Avril will be at the One of Kind Show. sure to check out her booth at P4. While your are there you'll also want to see other weavers: Silo Weavers (G10), String Theory (V4) and Lucille Crighton (G4)

Julia Pelenyi volunteers for the Out of the Cold initiative and needs your donated woven and knit scarves, hats, mitts, gloves, socks and blankets to donate to the homeless who use the resources provided by Out of the Cold.  It is a volunteer initiative by Toronto area synagogues, churches and faith communities who provide host sites that will offer shelter, hospitality and refuge to the marginalized and people who are homeless in the city of Toronto. We'll accept your donations at the Toronto Weaving School during regularly scheduled classes.

Avril Loreti with her blanket

Wanting to sew your woven fabric? At $7 per hour, someone will assist you in doing that, providing you with all the technical assistance you need at The Workroom in Toronto. If you don't want to sew it, ask Rosalyn ....who has been taking our weaving classes and works there, and she'll sew your woven cloth into whatever garment you want (for a fee of course!) Go to or contact Rosalyn Faustino at

Recent projects cut off looms by Jessica Brousseau and Avril Loretti. 

Recently Toronto Weaving School received a yarn balance (shown below), a donation from Sylvia Ptak. A yarn balance is useful when you have a yarn for which you have no information idea how many yards per lb, a number which is required when planning out weaving projects.  Rebecca Mezoff writes a humourous account of how to use it complete with pictures.
A yarn balance, photo credit, Rebecca Mezoff

Weaving resources, links and happenings

Textile Museum of Canada: How to make a carpet November 20-24 2013

Rosalyn Faustino sends this  inspiring link to an American weaving resource:

26 knitters loom scarves in this ebook resource:
Monday morning class. 

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