Thursday, April 10, 2014


The Toronto District School Board deemed April 9 as Stop Bullying day. People were invited to wear pink and this Louise Granahan did with style and flare. To learn more about the colour pink (and I didn't know it such a somewhat controversial history!) go to Louise has decided to learn 7 different kinds of weaving or try different weaving techniques and/or looms. Inkle loom weaving is her most recent foray. Perhaps we should talk about how you can weave a boa too! 
She has also tried tapestry weaving and the doubleweave sampler. 
Wendy Szpindel wove this 8 shaft blanket with 2 ply Lemieux yarn on her loom at home. It fulled beautifully and with little effort. She used a top loader and being unable to control it , the blanket was at the mercy of the machine. I thought that was very courageous of her considering how much effort was required to weave it. 
Judite Vangers wove  the 8 shaft blue scarf above (18/2 merino) at school ......

and tried it in another version of the pattern at home with a different yarn


Arlene Williams - cotton scarf

Arlene Williams - cotton scarf


The Louet Jane 8 shaft tableloom draw is on again! ( and no, the stand does not come with it) . $25 a ticket or 3 for $50. Proceeds go to the Toronto Weaving School.

I now have cottolin available in the weaving class. It's made with organic cotton and linen (60% cotton, 40% linen). This is especially good for weaving tea towels (dish cloths) .

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