Thursday, May 22, 2014


Mary Pietropaoulo with her bamboo crackle weave scarf , pattern taken from a recent Handwoven magazine. 

There is nothing as lovely to behold than when a weaver radiates with the joy of her handwoven creation. A lot of this joy and pride infuses the weaving classes and I am blessed to be there to behold the many transformations that people undergo, despite the challenges that weaving (and their lives) can present. 

Leslie Wynn loves weaving wallhangings, taking a Saouri approach. 
As the weaving classes are coming to a close and will not recommence until next Fall, many participants expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the efforts that I make to assist them in their weaving education and endeavours, and the lengths I go to so that they will be successful in their projects and weaving aspirations. This year,  people's kind words, thoughfulness and special gifts were particularly touching. Helen Skelton wrote: Many thanks for teaching me to weave this school year - just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your classes, which are packed with knowledge and fun :-)
I'm already looking forward to fall classes starting up again. Also, wanted to say a big thank you for  the book prize for me last night - I had a quick look through it and it's excellent.  I'll get a lot of information and ideas from that one, and probably my attempt at an overshot pattern."
 Linda Thompson wrote: "Thank you for your generosity and kindness sometimes at personal expense....." I have a little book I keep where I mark down all the nice, kind supportive things people say....and I look at it when I think no one cares or notices how I try to make the world a better place in the most ordinary  daily activities and interactions of life. It reminds me that it's always worthwhile to be kind, even when one cannot always accommodate another person's requests and expectations. 

Caroline Castilloux wove this "Light and Lacey Huck Lace Scarf" desgined by Madelyn Van Der Hoogt and can be found in the MarchApril 2009 issue of Handwoven magazine. Caroline used a 20/2 worsted wool. 
Becasue the Wednesday group will not be meeting anymore, many came out for the pot luck meal we customarily have and there was a lot of exuberance in the room . Students still managed to get work done and projects completed. We still have two more Mondays to go before we break for summer. 

In the Knitters Loom Corner

Mimma Draga showed us her recent creations on her knitters loom, scarves made of alpaca. 

I too am grateful for the support, the patience, the enthusiasm and the affection the many students/participants give me. Thank you for making my job more than just a job!

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