Thursday, January 19, 2012

Encouraging authentic creativity in weaving

I feel blessed indeed that my weaving students are such intelligent, interesting and engaging people. They are talented, and take creative approaches not only in their weaving, but in the way they learn too. This past Fall was very busy and I didn't get a chance to post all the wonderful projects that resulted over the course of student efforts. Since there are quite a few things to show y'all, I'll start with the products of the most recent participants in the weaving class and will show the remaining projects and endeavours at other times. Above, a tapestry by Clara.
As an instructor, I encourage students to develop their own designs and creativity. I teach them strategies, if they are open to it, to enhance and deepen their creative experience. Everyone comes with their own knowledge, experience and approach and this only makes for a more authentic result in their creative endeavours. Ciara is shown here with her first tapestry (after that gruelling sampler!) that she designed. It was inspired by wood.
Christine Davidson's runner above, is a good example of how some students prefer to take their inspiration from such sources as Handwoven magazine, a good place to expand one's repertoire, creatively, theoretically and technically.
Some participants are very modest about their efforts and I'm happy to put in them in the spotlight. I also applaud those who are endeavouring to set up a loom at home without me to help them out. As many of you know or can remember, it can be a daunting experience just even remembering all the steps and details one needs to consider. Though the photo does not do this blanket any justice, it was woven by Jane Tucker.

This red and fuschia merino scarf was woven by Wendy Szpindel who managed to do this over the Holiday Season on her own. I suppose its like seeing a child take its first steps! So exciting.

This week we've moved forwards with preparing our warps (and wefts possibly) for ikat dyeing. In the coming weeks we'll be preparing warps for painted warp, shibori and woven shibori.

See you soon!

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