Friday, January 27, 2012

Notes and card weaving

Mimma Draga has been taking notes since starting to learn how to weave in my class. One day I happened to glance at them, and I couldn't help but think of the great Leonardo and his illustrations. Very detailed and wonderful illustrations. For most of us, our notes don't look anything like this, if we have any at all. Which brings me to the topic of learning and how we learn. One of the most useful things I learned at teachers college is that there are 7 different modalities of learning. Essentially, they comprehend all our senses, mixed in with how we process information best. For each us that equation is different and proceeds at different rates as we process the information, and it eventually becomes 'automatic'. This is helpful to know so that one doesn't berate oneself for not absorbing knowledge and technique as quickly as one would like. It's almost as if the body has to learn it too, and not just the mind. I guess this is why Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery at something. Do you realize that you would have to do something 24/7 for over 27 years? It's probably best to just enjoy the activity, the process and company while you are doing it!

During our Fall classes, some students became interested in card weaving. Judite has been doing it since childhood and gladly showed Judy, Leslie and Wendy how it worked.

She made up the cards for them, brought the thread. Gave them a demo of the process.

And this is what they were trying to weave with the card weaving process. One can learn from books. One can learn from videos. But there is nothing like learning from another person who is there physically beside you while you fumble your way through the project and calms all your fears and doubts in yourself and your abilities. Thank you Judite for showing them how it works.

See you next week!

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